Q: How do I access my Skyscape Resources via the WebView?

A: If you purchased your Skyscape Resources via your Skyscape discount webpage, then all you need to do is log into WebView using your Skyscape account used when purchasing and activate each title for WebView. 

If you purchased your Skyscape Resources through your school's bookstore and your package contains information about WebView, then you need to log into WebView (you must create a Skyscape account, if you do not have one), Add your serial number and then Activate each title.

NOTE: Some resources you purchased may not be available in WebView due to publisher restrictions. Only titles available in the “Browse All Titles” tab are available in WebView. Skyscape WebView is restricted to institutions that have purchased a mobile/WebView bundle.

Q: How do I search for topics or content using the Skyscape WebView?

A: You can search Skyscape Resources via the WebView in the following ways: 

  • All Resources - searches all Skyscape resources and My Library
  • My Library - all free and paid resources you have registered (requires login)
  • Current Resource - searches book you are viewing for topic (requires login to view topic content)
  • Bookmarks - searches only the bookmarks you've added (requires login)


Q: How do I access a resource I don't own in WebView?

A: You may purchase a resource that is available in "Browse All Titles" through your school's custom Skyscape discount page.  You may contact groupsales@skyscape.com if you do not have or know your Skyscape discount page URL.

Q: What is Skyscape WebView?

A: Skyscape WebView is our online service that allows you to access your Skyscape resources via any web browser on any computer – at no extra charge for one year!
Not all resources are available for Skyscape WebView.  You will have access to Skyscape WebView if the publisher and authors have allowed your resources to be available for Skyscape WebView.
To begin using Skyscape WebView login at http://webview.skyscape.com 
Sign In using your Skyscape account or click on Register Now to create a Skyscape account. 

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