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Nursing Procedures Made Incredibly Easy!

Perform nursing procedures safely and accurately, with the freshly updated Nursing Procedures Made Incredibly Easy, Second Edition. Written in the popular, lighthearted Incredibly Easy style, this comprehensive guide offers expert, step-by-step direction on a broad range of fundamental and system-based nursing procedures. This enjoyable way to learn nursing’s best practices will help you stay up-to-date with the latest in technology, nursing standards, NCLEX preparation, and safe, quality care.

NEW and updated content offers:
  • Crucial patient care methods
  • Current nursing practice guidelines
  • directions for using the latest medical technology
  • directions for ensuring patient safety and providing quality care

Coverage of topics including:
  • Fundamental nursing procedures - Easy-to-follow algorithms for a patient’s entire hospital stay, from intake to discharge, including surgical care
  • Specimen collection - Clear directions on collecting blood, urine, and other specimens
  • Physical treatments - Techniques for heat and cold application, baths, support devices, wound care, drug administration, I.V. therapy, and more
  • System-based procedures - Directions on procedures for all body systems
  • Clear direction to meet the needs of your maternal, neonatal, and pediatric patients
  • Easy-to-follow format for each procedure - Quick-skim paragraphs and bulleted lists specify equipment, step-by-step instructions, and practice pointers
  • Nursing procedures guides such as comparing biological dressings and assessing pressure ulcers

Special features:
  • Just the facts – Outline of chapter content at start of every chapter
  • Write it down - Essential documentation points for each procedure
  • Ages and stages – Issues where patient’s age impacts a procedure
  • Handle with care - Patient care tips for elderly, pediatric, and bariatric patients
  • Memory joggers – Simple tricks for remembering complex concepts
  • Warning - Possible dangers, risks, complications, or contraindications associated with a particular procedure
  • Quick Quiz – Questions & Answers at the end of every chapter