PsychNotes: Clinical Pocket Guide

Perfect wherever you are…in class, in clinical, and in any practice setting! This handy guide delivers quick access to need-to-know information on DSM-5 disorders and treatments, psychotropic drugs, documentation and patient education. No other book delivers as much in a format that is easy to read, easy to access, and fits in your pocket.

Key Features
  • Coverage of documentation psychiatric medications, restraints and seclusion DSM-5 disorders and treatments and patient education and care.
  • Basic behavioral theories at a glance
  • Key aspects of psychiatric and crisis interventions
  • General mental status assessments and exams, with focused assessments for adult and geriatric populations
  • Essential information on psychotropic drugs
  • Client/family education tables, tips and strategies
  • Cultural considerations and assessment tool
  • Reusable mental health history, multiaxial assessment, CAGE, and many other assessment tools
  • Clinical pearls throughout to provide practical on-the-spot advice

New to this Edition
  • All content thoroughly reviewed, revised and updated to incorporate the newest knowledge in the field and new drugs and drug updates
  • Mini-Cognitive Assessment Instrument for Dementia
  • Rating scale for Lewy Body disease
  • Self-administered Patient Health Questionnaires 2 and 9

Do yourself and client a favor by getting one! “If you are in the mental health field I highly recommend this guide. I have been asked numerous times where did I get this and can I lend it. This is my go-to reference when at the clinic as it covers everything I need to know when doing assessments etc. However, if you feel more comfortable carrying that large DSM around, by all means, do so but for me, this guide slips easily into my pocket for use at any given moment.” —Timothy T. Hinote

Great. “I love this item. I think this was a great buy for me as a psych mental health student. It was well worth it.” —Shameca Hudson

Psych Notes is Excellent. “Psych Notes is packed with all of the essential content necessary to REVIEW (you should also have expanded knowledge of this content) and pass the ANCC PMHNP certification exam. You will be astonished by the depth and breadth of information contained in this easy to read and use (spiral bound) book.” —Sandra Hannon -Engel