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(A,B)Major Landmarks of the Acetabulum: Iliopectineal Line (Anterior Column), Ilioischial
(A,B)Setup and Positioning for Anterior Approaches with the Patient Supine
(A,B)The Patient is Positioned Supine with a Bump Placed Under
(A,C)Patient's Contralateral Leg Taped to Metal Base of Fracture Table
(A)A 12-Year-Old Boy with Distal Left Femur Fracture Treated with
(A)A Diagram of the Two Columns As an Inverted Y
(A)An 8-Year-Old Child Who Sustained an Open Distal Tibial Metaphyseal
(A)Cephalic Tilt View.(B)Apical Lordotic View
(A)Cross-Sectional Anatomy of a Normal Shoulder
(A)Hawkins Type III Talar Neck Fracture Initial Injury.(B)Following Orif of
(A)Image Intensifier Brought in from above Patient with Bump Beneath
(A)Image Intensifier Brought in from Contralateral Side of Injury Enabling
(A)Lateral View, Showing the Prolonged Insertion of the Superficialis Tendon
(A)Parvin Method of Closed Reduction of an Elbow Dislocation
(A)Prevertebral Soft Tissue Shadow
(A)Schematic Diagram of the Danis-Weber Classification of Ankle Fractures: Infrasyndesmotic
(A)Sciatic Nerve Impingement by the Posteriorly Dislocated Femoral Head.(B)Sciatic Nerve
(A)The Axillary Lateral x-Ray View
(A)The Joint Surface to Shaft Axis is 4 to 8
(A)The Patient is Positioned Lateral in a Beanbag with the
(A)The Position of the Patient for the Stryker Notch View
(A)Type I (Hahn-Steinthal) Capitellar Fracture
(A)With the Patient Supine, the Image Intensifier is Draped and
(A-D)Mallet-Equivalent Physeal Fracture Types
A 19-Year-Old Female Ballet Dancer with Chronic Anterior Tibial Pain
A 40-Year-Old Man Involved in a Motorcycle Accident Had an
A 55-Year-Old Man Who Fell and Sustained a Displaced Greater
Aaos Classification of Fractures Associated with Hip Arthroplasty
Acceptable Method of Closed Reduction of Distal Physeal Fractures of
A Coronal CT Cut Demonstrating a Displaced Femoral Head Fracture
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