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Nurse's Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

This updated 4th edition offers detailed overviews of physiology to help nurses and students think critically and understand the results of laboratory and diagnostic tests and their implications for therapy. This latest update is based on the 4th edition and it includes additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates! It aids nurses and students in understanding the basis for a test, how to know if a test is appropriate, where problems can arise, and how to explain to patients what to watch out for. The content is presented as a guiding reference for planning care, providing specific interventions, and evaluating outcomes of nursing care.

What's New:
  • Nursing care before, during, and after a test or procedure is thoughtfully covered
  • Background information and description of the test or procedure are followed directly by the reference values and other clinical applications data for each test or group of tests
  • For each test or study, the reference values include variations related to age or gender, if applicable
  • Both conventional units and international units (SI) are specified